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The Perfect Fairytale is truly blessed to have had the pleasure to work with countless couples over the years. We truly appreciate all of their love and support with their generous reviews and words of love.

Michele was amazing as she helped my daughter and me plan for her wedding! She was definitely worth her very affordable fee! It was the best money we spent for the wedding. She was invaluable in narrowing down vendors so that we could then interview only a few rather than many to find just the right ones. She saved us time and money, which was especially helpful since my daughter lives 3 hrs. away. Michele is very knowledgeable about anything to do with weddings.
All of the wedding party and parents were very impressed and appreciative of her and Lexi on the day of the wedding as they were very patient, calm, polite and, most importantly, professional. Above all, she is very organized, which helped us a great deal as well as all of the vendors.
I would highly recommend The Perfect Fairytale with Michele and Lexi!

~Sally Southard, Mother of the Bride. Couple is Mickey & Rachel White, married July 5, 2014

We cannot praise Michelle enough! She was the first to respond when we first started looking into wedding planners and has shown herself to be worth her weight in gold ever since. Neither my wife nor I really had time to do much planning, so Michelle did all the legwork, research, and coordination for us which made planning simple, easy, and even fun! She made sure that everything was lined up and stayed lined up and when curve balls and snafus happened during the month prior, she handled every problem almost as soon as it had come up. On the day of, she made sure that everything happened exactly as it was supposed to, and the day itself was a perfect vision of exactly what we had planned. She made it happen, she was even able to get everything we wanted for a little under budget, and we couldn’t have asked for more. We would both absolutely recommend The Perfect Fairytale to anyone who is getting ready to tie the knot!

~Will & Emily Bebout, married May 31, 2014

The Perfect Fairytale

My husband and I agree that the best money we spent on our entire wedding was on Michele. She is the BEST! She was so organized and helpful. I couldn’t imagine how stressed I would have been on my Wedding Day if I didn’t know she was on top of every single detail. She was truly a blessing to us — not only did she monitor all of the setup and cleanup, she was in contact with all of our vendors the week before to confirm all of the deliveries and balances. She made the entire experience enjoyable for me, my husband and all of our guests.

~Wesley & Joanna Heims, married September 14, 2013

“Michele was awesome and made the day flow perfectly. She coordinated with all vendors, set up decor, and took any possibility of a worry away! She knows what she is doing, and makes the process fun and enjoyable.

~Brian & Jessica Kreider, married May 18, 2013

The Perfect Fairytale

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the perfect fairytale

Our wedding day was the perfect fairytale thanks to the hard work and dedication of our talented wedding planner, Michele. From the moment we called Michele after our engagement all the way to the last song of our wedding day, Michele kept us organized, on-track and worry free. She was extremely detail-oriented and gave us great advice based on our personal needs and desires. Her friendly updates and reminder calls were always a blessing. I can’t thank Michele enough for being the voice for us on our wedding day. Michele was a joy to work with and made us feel as if we were long time friends!

~Andrew & Brittany O’Leary, married July 2010

Michele with The Perfect Fairytale was outstanding from start to finish with making our wedding absolutely incredible. From day one she was attentive, available, prompt and flexible. She was on top of the timeline, allowing for steady consistent progress and avoiding hectic stress that can sometimes accompany such an event. I was coming from a place of little knowledge, and she provided information and guidance to make it an easy process to plan all of the details of a wedding. Furthermore, I could not be more grateful that she was there on our wedding day. She was calm and professional, and took care of the details, the arrangements, all of the coordination, so I was able to have stress-free day. I didn’t have to worry because I knew she was on top of it. While I’m sure there were surprises along the way, I was never aware of anything but a perfectly smooth day. And that was what was truly such a gift- our wedding day was ONLY about the marriage, about family and friends, and about celebration of love. I could not be happier or more grateful to have had Michele by our side during this life event, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone I know.

~Will & Karli Griffeth, married April 20, 2013

The Perfect Fairytale
The Perfect Fairytale

Michele has got to be the best wedding planner ever. She was there through every crisis wether it was large or small and she made life so much easier for us throughout the planning and day of. Not only is she great at her job she is one of the most caring and compassionate people we’ve ever met. She did everything in her power to ensure that our special day was beyond special…she even made the weather turn better!! Having been to many weddings and hearing peoples stories about what went wrong or what they would change we can honestly say we had The Perfect Fairytale there truly is not a single thing we would have changed. If your looking for the best here it is!!

~Chris & Alysha Shorter, married August 4, 2012

We hired Michele to be our wedding coordinator in the few weeks leading up to the wedding, I didn’t know if I thought a wedding coordinator was necessary – but my mom was sure we needed one. And by the end of my wedding, I was sold. I needed one. I was so stress free and calm on my wedding day because she handled everything from making sure decorations were set up, to keeping families calm, setting up a surprise for my husband, and even handling mishaps. The day of my wedding they delivered the wrong dessert and I never knew until afterwards! Michele handled it and cared for me so well. My wedding couldn’t have happened with out her – I was a nice bride and my mom was a happy mother of the bride, what more could you ask for?

~Chad & Nicole Olenick, married September 29, 2012

The Perfect Fairytale
the perfect fairytale

I would not consider having a wedding in Virginia without Michele. I got the Gem Package- to say she is worth every penny is an understatement (this coming from a student bride on govt loans). She is detailed-oriented, enthusiastic, always answered email/texts quickly, gave great advice, and really got a feel for our personalities / captured the type of wedding we wanted. I planned my wedding from the opposite coast and during law school- she took it over and transformed it, lifting away my wedding stress. Once we brought her on, I felt like everything was on track due to her incredible organizational skills. Unlike what I thought in the beginning, you cannot be both coordinator and bride, even with a smaller wedding like mine (60 ppl). Due to my budget concerns, I did my due diligence research on wedding coordinators within a 3 hour radius of my wedding (weddingwire, craigslist, and every other website you can imagine), corresponded with many, and Michele was the obvious choice. The Perfect Fairytale is the best value. She comes from Southern California where I live now, which is an area SATURATED with wedding coordinators; you have to be amazing to survive in this market. The fact that she moved to Virginia makes very lucky VA brides.. I could not recommend her enough.

~Jim & Sara Bell, married July 6, 2012

Daniel and I sat down the first day we got engaged and made a list of the top 5 most important things concerning our wedding to help us with budgeting; at that point, a wedding planner wasn’t on the list. We were about half way through planning when we realized we needed someone special to help us and make sure that the day of the wedding was everything we had been imagining. Well, knowing what I know now, I would have put Michele at the #1 spot on our “Top 5 Wedding Priorities” list.
I met Michele while trying on wedding dresses, and we just clicked. From the second you meet her, you love her. She is professional and organized, and though those are the two most important qualities you want in a wedding planner, it was her kind heart, soothing calmness, and true desire to make our wedding dreams come true that sets her apart from other planners. Those last three things aren’t things you can learn; it’s just a part of who she is. She takes pride in her career.
We hired Michele for “day-of” planning, and we are so glad we did. Daniel and I had so much fun planning our wedding and didn’t find it stressful…. So we are proof that everyone will benefit from hiring Michele. Her “day-of” planning is much more than just showing up the day of your wedding and telling people where to be and what to do. She took every ounce of stress out of the last month and wedding day. The last month before your wedding is crunch time. You have to get everything organized with vendors, create a timeline, and get through your wedding day sane. Honestly, the last week I didn’t have to think of anything…. She had it all ready! Daniel, our bridal party, and I laughed, played, and had a stress free day. Not once did I think of anything but the moment I was in because I trusted Michele. She is flexible to your needs and because of her we can call our wedding day the best day of our lives.

~Daniel & Kristin Mirenda, married June 9, 2012

the perfect fairytale
the perfect fairytale

There was so much more to putting together a wedding than I anticipated. Luckily I had Michele to run to when I was overwhelmed with choosing vendors and keeping everything within our budget. She created our budget spreadsheet and showed me where we were spending and what percentage we should expect to spend on each thing. It was so nice to be able to rely on her expertise to guide me through the whole process. Michele was very organized and brought together our whole day with her detailed timeline and vendor contact list. Michele is fantastic at what she does and knowing that allowed my husband and I to just enjoy our special day.

~Travis & Janet Wheeland, married September 2010