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How To Throw an Intimate & Cozy Mountain Affair

Choose a Location That Reflects Your Wedding Theme

Make sure it corresponds well with the vibe you want your wedding to be. Do you want to be surrounded by woods and trees or would you rather be on the edge of a pristine lake? Some important pieces to keep in mind while searching are: if weddings are allowed there, the public foot traffic, and the venue size. In addition, you will want to make sure that whatever you plan to bring (i.e., decor, seating arrangements, vendors) will all be able to transported to your location. Whichever venue you end up choosing, make sure it can accommodate everything that you want at your wedding.  





Pick an Eclectic Seating Style  Coherent With the Location

By electing the eclectic, you tie in the homey ambiance of the woods while not looking too structured or forced. This seating style gives way to style, functionality, and individuality all the while looking like woodland perfection. You can achieve this look by interweaving both wooden benches and chairs in various neutral tones. The high-backed seats give way to functionality so the elder generation can have more relaxed seating while the benches provide an intimate feel as there is no separation between your friends and family. And honestly, who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned eclectic seating. 

Opt For a More Inviting Cocktail Hour

The set up for a cocktail hour paves way for what type of interactions your guests may be having. By opting for lounge style seating, your guests are more likely to engage with one another simply because of the design layout. This look can be replicated by renting a few couches, a coffee table, various chairs, rugs, and of course, some decor that ties in your theme. For extra hostess points, set up an activity that will draw in your guests to this area.




Find a Few Statement Pieces To Splurge On

In order to maintain your budget, you will have to decide which items you can splurge on and which you will have to save on. Find a few pieces that make a huge style statement, like the skull piece that is shown here. This way your budget can stay in tact but your style points won’t have to suffer. By placing this large piece in the middle of the arch, there was a lower need for as many florals leaving the couple with more money they would be able to allocate elsewhere while creating an incredibly unique look for their special day. Whether it be a ceremony arch, food station, or luxury rentals, make sure to find a few key decor pieces to splurge on that will set the tone for your special day.


Replace Traditional Wedding Cake For Season-Inspired Pies!

Now I am not saying toss the traditional wedding cake altogether; definitely still get a gorgeous wedding cake that can be shared by the lovely couple. However, instead of giving all your guests cake, why not switch that out for some beautiful and tasty season-inspired pies! This fun touch will add flare to your wedding and spice to your dessert table. Your guests will be delighted to see this fun alternative especially if there is a variety. You can even choose to use fruits that match the color-scheme of your beautiful event! Another plus is that this substitute will be sure to keep costs low as pies are not nearly as costly as a traditional wedding cake.


Indulge in Themed Party Favors

Wedding favors are one of the parts of a wedding that often gets overlooked and gets pushed to the bottom of the list on the scale of importance. While in reality, this is the only piece of your wedding that your guests actually get to take with them. Making this detail special will place a lasting impression on your guests. Freshly baked treats will be an item your friends and family will be dying to grab as they head off post-celebration. A personalized thank you note adds the perfect finishing touch on these sweet treats while simultaneously allowing the couple’s personality to shine through them.




Written by: Rebekah Bahra, The Perfect Fairytale Blogger

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